The Benefits of Natural Fine Fragrance

- By: Joshua Onysko

Perfumery has traveled a long and winding road since its origins in ancient Egypt, when it was believed to come from the perspiring glow of the gods.

Divine perspiration aside, there are benefits to choosing a natural fine fragrance made from organic Essential Oils, versus a mainstream perfume made primarily with synthetic compounds.

Intellectual property laws protect the ingredient list of perfumes, so we don’t actually know which chemicals are present in any given synthetic fragrance. Likely, each one contains around a dozen different petrochemicals and other toxic compounds, many of which may cause issues such as hormone disruption, skin and lung irritation, birth defects, migraines, and environmental damage.

Alternately, natural perfumes made with well-sourced Essential Oils encourage the emotional and physical healing properties that are endemic to the plants from which they are derived. There is an alchemy that happens when these precious Oils meet your skin that transforms both them and you in unexpected, beautiful ways.

As well, natural perfumes that are made with Essential Oils do not contain chemicals, pesticides, or toxins. Most natural perfumes (ours definitely included) do not test on animals or contain any animal-derived ingredients, such as musk or ambergris.  

While no perfume can guarantee that you will smell like the nape of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet’s neck (though who knows? We’ve heard she has an affinity for Smoked Rose…), isn’t it much sexier to be associated with the scent of the divine elements of nature rather than a chemical laboratory? We thought so, too.

Welcome to Un Jeu D’echecs. Get ready to fall in love with your own scent.