Un Jeu D'Echecs Trial Kit


Discovering your signature fragrance is a lot like meeting a lover: it takes time to get to know one another; chemistry creates the je ne sais quoi necessary for true resonance, and the most delicious outcome possible is that you feel more like your sexy self than ever before. Each 2mL vial of UJD perfume lasts a week -- the perfect amount of time to reveal how it alchemizes with your body to create a scent that is unique to you. It is recommended that you pay attention to how many people say, "You smell amazing," with each wear. We predict that your discovery process is going to be as magical and illuminating as the result.

Perfumer Notes:

Cuddle: Tobacco / Pepper / Cocoa / Clove / Lavender / Fir / Vetiver / Sandalwood / Frankincense

Haitian Vetiver: Grapefruit / Nutmeg / Tonka / Vetiver / Cedar / Elemi / Lavender / Black Pepper / Cardamom

Marrakesh: Bergamot / Amyris / Jasmine / Cedar / Vanilla

Naked: Black Pepper / Grapefruit / Star Anise / Lavender / Sandalwood / Nutmeg / Vetiver

Oakmoss: Frankincense / Bergamot / Oakmoss / Jasmine / Cedar / Vetiver / Vanilla / Rosemary / Basil

Ofuro: Bitter Orange / Star Anise / Black Pepper / Cedarwood

Smoked RoseRose / Smoke / Palo Santo / Cumin

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Ingredients: Organic Sugarcane Alcohol, Natural Fragrance (Parfum), Purified Water (Aqua).