Haitian Vetiver

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Grapefruit / Nutmeg / Tonka / Vetiver / Cedar / Elemi / Lavender / Black Pepper / Cardamom

Perfumer Notes:

I travelled to Haiti to meet Pierre, the distiller of the best Vetiver in the world. After a day of exploring, we sat on his porch in the sweltering Haitian night, cracked a couple of beers, and did what we both love to do best: tell stories and laugh. I asked him what he thought about Voodoo. He looked at me with an inscrutable grin and said, “Haiti is 55% Catholic and 100% Voodoo.” This is how I would like all of my questions to be answered — with plenty of room left for mystery.

It’s impossible to visit this complex and beautiful nation and not fall under the spell of its generous people, lush landscape, and rich culture. Haitian Vetiver is an enigmatic scent that captures the essence of my experience there. It is a dynamic fragrance that evolves with the time it spends on your skin. At first meeting, it is bright green and citrus with notes of Cucumber, Grapefruit and Grass, and later surrenders into the deep with exotic Vanilla and Spice and grounding notes of Cedarwood and Black Pepper. Its first impression of masculine sportiness pairs well with summer linens and hot weather travels, while its emerging baritone notes give it the credentials to carry you late into the night.

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Ingredients: Organic Sugarcane Alcohol, Natural Fragrance (Parfum), Purified Water (Aqua).