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Bergamot / Amyris / Jasmine / Cedar / Vanilla

Perfumer Notes:

Spend time wandering the souks of Marrakesh and your senses will be flooded with bright colors, exotic scents, enticing textures, alluring flavors, and a full range of sounds. Among the sounds, you will certainly hear the word “inshallah” many, many times. This Arabic expression means, “If Allah wills it,” and is a common answer to matters ranging from, “Will this rug work in our living room?” to “Will I ever experience true love?”

With its unlikely constellation of scents, Marrakesh was created in the spirit of “inshallah.” I didn’t know that when I placed Amyris against Jasmine the result would bring raw, sexy, dirty grit to a rich, sweet floral. I didn’t know that layering Cedarwood and Vanilla would add sophistication and polish. I didn’t know that Bergamot would raise the vibration to a near-spiritual experience with a shot of pure Mediterranean sunlight. I didn’t know if I could capture the essence of a place that won the heart of the likes of Yves Saint Laurent… but it wasn’t up to me. It was inshallah.

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Ingredients: Organic Sugarcane Alcohol, Natural Fragrance (Parfum), Purified Water (Aqua).