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Tobacco / Pepper / Cocoa / Clove / Lavender / Fir / Vetiver / Sandalwood / Frankincense

Perfumer Notes:

If you’ve been to Black Rock City, then you know that wild serendipity and satori-inducing meetings are not just common — they are standard. One late night I wandered into a random Moroccan tent, which happened to be filled with some of my favorite humans in the world. As it goes so often in BRC, a cuddle puddle soon formed. We lost track of which limb belonged to whom and where one person’s skin ended and another’s began. This feeling of “one self,” as described in tomes such as Siddhartha, was so unexpected, so liberating, that it elicited the kind of laughter that caused our ribs to grow soft and our tears to run down one another’s cheeks. It was a moment of complete fulfillment, when anything seemed possible, yet we longed for nothing. Cuddle is as much magic elixir as it is fragrance. It was created to capture the moment I described, and also as an olfactory reminder that when our hearts stay open, the next cuddle puddle is just around the corner.

Don’t let the softness of the name fool you, however; this scent has gravitas. Think English Gentlemen’s Club, reimagined Black Rock City-style. Cuddle is for those who love their coffee black, their whiskey neat, their motorbikes fast, and their kisses bewitching. It is lying with your lover in a castle in the woods with the taste of Tobacco and Chocolate on their lips and the scent of Fir and Sandalwood on their neck. The deeply masculine edges of this fragrance find their balance with the spice of Clove, the earthiness of Vetiver, and the resin of Frankincense for a well-rounded scent, designed to elicit pleasure in both wearer and cuddle-mate, alike.

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Ingredients: Organic Sugarcane Alcohol, Natural Fragrance (Parfum), Purified Water (Aqua).